Show off your dungeon design mettle in Dungeon Bash 2018

13 Jan 2018

How it works

Dungeon Bash is a timed, One-Page Dungeon competition.

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About Dungeon Bash

We can't wait to see your imagination run wild .
Anyone can tell a story, and anyone can create a dungeon.

Ah, the Dungeon. Home to many a giant, fire-breathing rat and inexplicably well-maintained traps. Although every trope has its place and time, if you can design an original game dungeon or adventure for a group of worldly travellers to explore, show us your stuff in Dungeon Bash 2018!

Dungeon Bash 2018 is the inaugural edition of Curious Chimeras' One Page Dungeon (OPD) design competition. Inspired by other restricted game design competitions such as Dungeon Contest, Game Chef and Ron Edwards' Ronnies, as well as 24-hour playwriting or story competitions, Dungeon Bash is a snappy, scrappy, and bashy version of all the above. Form a team and pit your storytelling, art and originality against others!

  • We're looking for strong and original dungeons that enable storytelling.

  • We want to see layouts that are easy to pick up, read and play with friends at a table!

  • Games should be fun, and the best adventures are too!

  • We're looking for adventures that make us want to run it NOW! In all its awesomeness!

The Jury

Our jury is excited to review your entries!

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