Jury Panelist: Gwen Guo, IMBA Interactive

Over the next few days, Dungeon Bash will introduce the Jury Panelists in more detail, together with some words from the panelist themselves regarding what they hope to see in a dungeon. Today, we introduce Gwen Guo from IMBA Interactive!

An avid gamer from the age of 5, video games have always been a huge part of Gwen’s life.

Although she wanted to be an animator, Gwen picked up electronic music production as a hobby at 18 and was intrigued by its effect on the clubbing culture and spirituality. Gwen applied to the Singapore-MIT Gambit Gamelab internship programme intending to be an animator, but the interviewer saw value in her music and placed her as a sound designer instead.

At the internship, Gwen had the privilege of working with many talented teams in games development, who gave her the confidence to start a business providing game audio services to developers and to advocate for this often undervalued craft.


Gwen says…

I’d like to see a dungeon which explores scenarios where there is no personified enemy, where positive relationships lead to the conclusion and where there is no victory nor loss.