Jury Panelist: Mikail Lo; Have Dice, Will Travel

Over the next few days, Dungeon Bash will introduce the Jury Panelists in more detail, together with some words from the panelist themselves regarding what they hope to see in a dungeon. Today, we introduce Mikail from Have Dice, Will Travel.

Mik does a lot of things to keep himself busy. Engineer by day, but outside of work, he organises and hosts Dungeons & Dragons games under the banner of Have Dice, Will Travel, hosts a Magic: the Gathering podcast, and adds commentary to card game tournaments over on Twitch. In whatever he does, he does his best to grow and nurture the community that he’s in.

Mik started the Have Dice, Will Travel group to revitalise the D&D scene in Singapore, having noticed that there were no good outlets for members of the public to play the game. What started as one table in Grey Ogre Games has now become a network of game stores islandwide and game masters who are willing to host sessions for anyone who wants to play.

Even with all these commitments, Mik is always looking forward to drive new projects – who knows what’s next?—–

Mik says…

When it comes to dungeon design, I honestly don’t care about the colour of its walls, ceilings or floors. What I do care about is how fun it is to explore this dungeon as a player, but also how fun it is to run this dungeon as a game master. One of the most important aspects of what makes a great dungeon is replayability so that it never gets boring for both the player and the one running the show; that’s achieved by having multiple ways to achieve victory, having multiple endings, and having a persistent dungeon based on a very powerful physics engine.

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