18 November, 2017

Dungeon Bash Rules

Dungeon Bash 2018 is the inaugural one-page dungeon competition held by the Curious Chimeras!


Format of Competition

  • Dungeon Bash 2018 is a fast-paced competition where participant teams design a One Page Dungeon (OPD) in the space of 4 hours.
  • All participants sit in the same physical space to design their dungeon according to themes presented by Dungeon Bash. Your team must be physically present for Dungeon Bash 2018.
  • Sign up for the competition! There is a registration fee of S$12/team, which goes back into the DB fund.
  • Challenges will be issued at points in the design time – teams have to incorporate these theme challenges creatively into their OPD.
  • Participants may bring laptops and any reference material they like to the table, including game and art books. HOWEVER, all materials brought by any one participant must fit into one backpack OR one laptop bag + one tote bag. I.E. each team member may bring one backpack worth of reference materials.
  • After the competition, the OPDs will be compiled and sent to a Jury who will pick their favourites.
  • Participants and members of the public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite maps!
  • Awards will be distributed after a deliberation period.

Rules and Submission Guidelines

  1. Dungeons may be created digitally on an A4-sized template, or on a physical piece of A4-sized paper.
    • Digital submissions must be submitted in an unlocked PDF-format and at print quality (300dpi)
    • Paper submissions are very welcome and will be scanned by the organisers later
    • Your margins may be as small as you like, but please bear readability in mind
  2. Actual dungeon assets must be created from scratch at the venue
    • Examples of these assets include: dungeon cartography; scenario hooks
    • If in doubt, please check in with the game organisers at hello@curiouschimeras.com
  3. Other non-essential items can be pre-prepared for the competition
    • e.g. Generic character art; blank page template
    • If in doubt, please check in with the game organisers at hello@curiouschimeras.com
  4. Dungeons must be system-neutral; please do not include rules that dungeons must be run on certain systems
    • These include tables, stat blocks etc that make reference to documentation from your favourite gaming system
  5. Teams must have the license to use whatever assets they submit to the competition.
    • This includes fonts used in digital submissions. Teams should only use fonts that they have a royalty-free, commercial use license for.¬†Please ensure that you comply with the license of all the fonts used in your digital submission.
  6. Teams must be willing to release project under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.
    • All entries must show the URL “https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/” or the Creative Commons banner.

The organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Submission Guidelines, or disqualify entries without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof. But don’t worry, we are super reasonable.