Prisoners of Inferno Island event report

Prisoners of Inferno Island event report

We had a great time last Friday at kult kafe playing our Halloween game Prisoners of Inferno Island, thanks everyone for coming out to play with us on a rainy Friday evening! Special thanks also for Marylyn for helping out with the art for the game. Unfortunately we couldn’t complete our scenario, but hey, that’s a great excuse for a round two of Inferno Island!

We had some great moments this game, including:

    • a spectator waiting for exactly the right moment to cause maximum damage to the party via his “harm” token. The party had just taken down one of the Seekers of Justice robots shooting at us, and its gun was laying casually. The Golden Hind runs in, picks up the gun and brings it back to the party…. where it explodes in everyone’s face.
    • The Sleepy Sloth yelling obscenities at the spectator cameras… very slowly. Also, an unrepeatable battle cry by the Golden Hind.
    • The Crying Hyena picking up a little cabbage-human pet called Arnold. (ah-ha! What’s a cabbage-human? Wouldn’t you like to know? Come out for our next game!)
    • A harpy falling in love with the Crying Hyena, courtesy of a “help” token given by the same spectator who blew our guns up.

Hope to see everyone at the next event, Tales of Saintrest!

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