November 2016: Tales of Saintrest

November 2016: Tales of Saintrest

This November, come join the Chimeras at the Substation and create with us the tale of Saintrest, a town that has been ravaged by dark forces. Play heroes, villains and characters in between as you battle to save (or not!) the town of Saintrest!

Each week, players get to choose from a set of characters who each have a backstory and motive to be in the town of Saintrest. That’s Tingly the Demon Merchant in the pictures, he’ll be in Week Two! Every game played will add and leave lasting impacts to our story. Keep up with what’s been going on on our Saintrest blog, updated after¬†each session!

Our storytellers are at the Substation every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the month of November to tell our tales. Join us!

Day Time
Wednesday & Friday 7-9pm (stories begin every half hour)
Saturday & Sunday 2-4pm (stories begin every half hour)

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