Major announcement for 2018! Patreon and Product line

Major announcement for 2018! Patreon and Product line

We’re so excited to share with you the following three-part announcement!

1. Patreon Launch

Curious Chimeras has launched our Patreon! We hope you can support us on our journey as we push towards creating and publishing games of our own.

Patrons will receive a variety of perks, including:
– Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to
– Exclusive insights into our design and writing processes
– Early access to material we publish
– Bonus unpublished support material
– Discount codes to our products and events
– Opportunities to be part of our game world through influencing our choice of NPCs/pregens/environment.

For now, we have introduced three tiers of patrons.
Echidna tier – $1/mth
Pegasus tier – $8/mth
Manticore tier – $20/mth

As a special for our launch, the first 30 Manticore-tier patrons who join us in the month of July will receive an exclusive, limited item from Curious Chimeras!

For more details regarding the Patreon system and which tiers get what perks, do visit our page, or let us know if you have any questions.

2. Curious Chimeras games

But wait, what sort of material have we even been working on? Patrons will get a chance to see exclusive sneaks of whatever we are currently designing and writing, which is three extremely different games!

a. Tales of Saintrest

Friends and supporters of Chimeras from yonks ago will remember one of our
first big events where we showcased Tales of Saintrest, an tabletop RPG played with a cards and dice system that we created. We’re currently reworking Saintrest and our system, and aim to publish in the near future.

b. (unnamed storytelling game)

We’re working on a colourful boardgame that will ease people into the world of roleplaying and storygames. It’s as of yet unnamed and still pretty raw, but we’re excited for how this game will grow!

c. Megadungeon for The Nightmares Underneath

It’s no secret that Shao is a big fan of Johnstone Metzger’s ‘The Nightmares Underneath’, and he recently wrote a megadungeon module for TNU that was played at an event in Manila. The intrepid adventurers delved into nightmares for 24hrs straight! The game session received excellent reviews from players and the game masters, so we’ll also be cleaning this module up and publishing it for more players and GMs to share the lovely nightmare fuel!

3. Curious Chimeras now does events!

If you’re looking for unique office team bonding ideas, or just a night in with some pals and want something fun to do, maybe we can help? We do a variety of things such as immersive game experiences (with roleplaying, props, costumes); or RPGs written especially for you; or even bring some unique and interesting games to facilitate for your tabletop party! Drop us a line if this is something you’re keen on.

Thanks for reading our mega announcement, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming months! Do let us know if you have any questions about anything at all!

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