Nosfecatu Reads ‘Mere Gods’

Nosfecatu Reads ‘Mere Gods’

(Note: The image above is a proofreading copy, for our editing and revision purposes. Thatโ€™s not the final version of โ€˜Mere Godsโ€™!)

The amazing Nosfecatu (, our fellow SEAsian RPG creator, cooking enthusiast, and one of the minds and movers behind the recent storm of spooky #ManilaEncounters on Twitter, has kindly provided us with a review of an early version of ‘Mere Gods’.

Thank you, vampire cat friend! You can check out his review at:

Nosfecatu also does amazing Filipino-inspired RPGs, so check out their website for more exciting SEAsian RPG material!!! (We particularly recommend Cockamania! :D)

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