Curious Chimeras at Session Zero 2021

Curious Chimeras at Session Zero 2021

We’re so excited to be participating in Session Zero Online 2021, an online tabletop rpg convention that will take place on 30 Jan, from GMT+8 12pm-12am. There are tons of exhibitors ranging from designers to merch, and hidden secrets like… a chicken counting game?!

We are also chuffed to be on a panel during the event titled “Humans of #RPGSEA” (8:30pm-9:30pm) where we share TTRPG anecdotes and perspectives of the region. Chimera Shao is also running a demo game for Mere Gods! Seats are already closed for Mere Gods, but spectators are welcome – just need to sign up for it!

Sign up for Session Zero before 29 Jan 2021 to get in on the fun!

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