The Timeslip Restoration
at the
Malay Heritage Centre

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Malay Heritage Centre, 2012

The Story

Professor Chronicle is up to no good once again, this time wreaking havoc and messing with history and the exhibits at the Malay Heritage Centre! It's up to you and Inspector Kay to put things right!

After your adventure with Inspector Kay in the Search for Our National Symbols, he's asked you to help him with another case with Professor Chronicle.

You meet him at the Timeslip Agency, where he shows you a note from Professor Chronicle.

"I'll meet you at the street where the sand used to meet the sea."

Inspector Kay reads off the note grimly. "Looks like the first place we'll need to go to is Beach Road! Let's go!"

How to Play

Look around the scenes of each game (drag with your mouse or finger) and tap on information spots to learn more about the history of the Malay Heritage Centre and the artefacts within. Along the way, you'll find puzzles to solve before you can move on. Happy playing!


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