Alanna Yeo

With a sharp, analytical mind and extensive experience in the fields of communications, games and education, Alanna is a many-headed Chimera who uses her talents to make us shine.

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Alanna Yeo, Co-founder.

“Veto Mermaid”

Alanna joins the team with a diverse wealth of experience in communications and education. Alanna has a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Communications and New Media from the National University of Singapore, and a Masters of Arts in Communication from Purdue University. Her research in Purdue focused on the importance of play and the power of games, culminating in her Master’s Thesis on community building, collaboration and sensemaking in alternate reality games.

Before Curious Chimeras, Alanna was deeply involved in the local startup ecosystem in the Entrepreneurship team at SPRING Singapore. There, she had the opportunity to actively build the startup community and enable young entrepreneurs to go further with their ideas. Alanna was a key lead in the team that brought about Startup SG, the branding of the local startup ecosystem.

Alanna’s experience in the education industry comes from her having taught General Paper and Project Work in a local junior college for 7 years. Her teaching philosophy revolves around mentoring students in the art of written communication, critical thinking and logical argument. She received several teaching awards in this period: the Innovation Award, the Best Teaching Practice Award (awarded twice) and the Most Caring Teacher Award.