The Tales of Saintrest

The Tales of Saintrest was a month-long event run in conjunction with the Substation‘s A Home for the Arts in November 2016.  For four days every week, the Chimeras were at the Sub to play our specially created role-playing game Tales of Saintrest with event goers.

The Tales of Saintrest not only introduced our Chimera system of simplified role-playing to a new audience, but also allowed us to collaborate with our friends at SoCA to create little clay miniatures for our game board.

The Tales of Saintrest told the story of 9 different player characters over the course of 4 weeks. Players could choose from a stable of changing characters (3 per week for the first three week, with all 9 open in the last week) in order to save their city of Saintrest from rampaging zombies, dragons and a cosmic evil force. With interesting backstories and a chance to play a variety of characters such as heroes, villains and those in-between, Tales of Saintrest proved to be a popular feature of A Home for the Arts, with players making the time to come back for multiple sessions.