Vristavella, Witch-Queen

Signature Abilities: Imperious Glare (Social), Witchcraft (Mental)

Vristavella is an immortal Witch-Queen, who ruled over an ancient city that is lost to the depths of the Murkglade Swamp. A sorceress of immense skill in the arcane arts, who prefers to spend her time exploring the vast cosmos, Vristavella prefers to ignore others, and be ignored in return. However, the Witch-Queen now feels compelled to return to the world of mortals; the nearby town of Saintrest has been conquered by demons, and Vristavella has no wish for the Murkglade Swamp to be similarly overrun. Spurred to action by equal parts annoyance and curiosity, the Witch-Queen travels with Fumblehop and Cedric to Saintrest. (When they were boys, they were polite to her, and so she remembers them well – not necessarily fondly, but without an excess of irritation.)