Cedric, Questing Knight

Signature Abilities: Strength of Faith (Physical), Heroic Poise (Social)

Cedric was born and raised in Saintrest. As a youth, Cedric was accepted as a member of the Knights of the Lightning Opal, an elite group of knights who search the world for signs of the mysterious Lightning Opal, a sacred gem of great power. Cedric left home nearly a decade ago, seeking the Lightning Opal, to no avail. Thus, Cedric was away from Saintrest when the dark forces ravaged his home. Once an earnest questing knight, Cedric has now become doubtful of his quest and himself, and blames himself for not being present to defend his family, friends, and home from evil. However, Cedric still possesses the might and training of a Lightning Opal Knight, and will no doubt need that strength to help him in these dark days ahead.