Fumblehop, Treasure Hunter

Signature Abilities: Fast Reflexes (Physical), Eidetic Memory (Mental)

Fumblehop is Cedric’s best friend, who also grew up in Saintrest. As a youth, Fumblehop joined Cedric in the tests to enter the elite order of the Seekers of the Lightning Opal, but Fumblehop was not of noble birth, and did not make the cut. Fumblehop became an treasure hunter, and sometime uses his abilities to help his childhood friend. Fumblehop pretends to be dumber and clumsier than he actually is, so that others would underestimate him, but he is very fast and understands things very quickly. Fumblehop is quite worried about Cedric’s dour moods, and although he is sad about the fall of Saintrest, he believes the town and its people can still be saved.