Week 1 Wed&Fri: Fumblehop

Fumblehop the rogue, together with the help of the lizard shaman Zebezad, saved some children from the hands of the swamp bandits, the Peat Smashers. On this journey, Fumblehop discovered some disturbing news – a man fitting the description of his best friend Cedric was seen cavorting with dark forces and the Dark Cult. Not wanting to upset his friend any further, Fumblehop investigates the sighting alone.

On this journey, Fumblehop finds out to his horror that the dark knight is Cedric’s twin brother! Fumblehop manages to escape the clutches of the dark knight, but not before being turned into a werewolf. He is now back with the party, but hiding a deadly secret. He fears the full moon and might harm his best friend.