Each week, our tale follows a different set of characters as they make their way through Saintrest and discover just what is hurting their town!


Week One (1-6 November 2016)
Heroes of Saintrest
witch_front knight_front fumblehop_front
Vristavella, Immortal Witch
Imperious Glare
Sir Cedric, Questing Knight
Strength of Faith
Heroic Pose
Fumblehop, Treasure Hunter
Fast Reflexes
Eidetic Memory


Week Two (7-13 November 2016)
Villains of Saintrest
tingly_front brute_front lamech_front
Tingly, Demon Merchant
Inspire Greed
Inspire Regret
Ren, Werewolf Lord
Beast Senses
Incredible Strength 
Lamech, Dark Force
Dark Magic
Proper Etiquette


Week Three (14-20 November 2016)
Wildcards of Saintrest
 cedric  fumblehop  vristavella
Timaeus, Mercenary Veteran
Cut a Deal
Read the Situation 
Serena, Secret Agent
A Thousand Faces
A Thousand Blades
Zebezac, Lizardfolk Mystic
Speak with Spirits
Way of Green