Week 1 Wed&Fri: Vristavella

Vristavella has joined Cedric and Fumblehop’s party to investigate what is happening to her swamp and the lands around it. The party managed to infiltrate the swamp bandit’s lair and set the slaves in the lair free.

To her surprise, the lair sat on top of a knot of magical leylines and a powerful portal. Vristavella managed to open the portal, and while they were travelling, Vristavella had strong visions of seeing the ruins of Saintrest overrun by zombies and looked over by a large black dragon known as Alanoei…

Upon arriving in Swamptallow the demon market, Vristavella marchs forth and in a queenly fashion, engages¬†Tingly the demon merchant in a card game with the freedom of the human slaves at stake. Vristavella sees through Tingly’s attempts to cheat not once, but twice, and Tingly the demon merchant admitted defeat. However, just as Tingly turned to walk away from the party, Cedric, overcome by rage, rushes forth with his sword to try to smite the merchant…

Week 1 Wed&Fri: Cedric

On this journey of self-discovery with his best friend Fumblehop and the Swamp Witch Vristavella, Cedric is finding himself more and more inspired to do good, recovering a little from his disillusion. Fumblehop has shown Cedric full support along the way, and is very glad that Cedric seems to be looking more like himself.

The intrepid party managed to infiltrate the swamp bandit fortress where they rescue more human slaves. In the fortress, Vristavella manages to activate a magical portal, which brings them to the demon market of Swamptallow.

In Swamptallow, Cedric grows increasingly angry at the treatment of the people of his homeland. How much have they lost? What have they done to deserve such treatment? Why wasn’t I here!¬†Filled with rage and an urgent need to right these wrongs, Cedric¬†charges at the demon merchant Tingly with his sword raised. Just as he is about to strike…

Week 1 Wed&Fri: Fumblehop

Fumblehop the rogue, together with the help of the lizard shaman Zebezad, saved some children from the hands of the swamp bandits, the Peat Smashers. On this journey, Fumblehop discovered some disturbing news – a man fitting the description of his best friend Cedric was seen cavorting with dark forces and the Dark Cult. Not wanting to upset his friend any further, Fumblehop investigates the sighting alone.

On this journey, Fumblehop finds out to his horror that the dark knight is Cedric’s twin brother! Fumblehop manages to escape the clutches of the dark knight, but not before being turned into a werewolf. He is now back with the party, but hiding a deadly secret. He fears the full moon and might harm his best friend.