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Curious Chimeras is a game studio based in Singapore, and we design playable experiences and tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs). We bring a curious perspective and playful touch to our work, creating unique experiences informed by heritage, art, nature, technology, and everything in between. Reach out to us if you would like to see what we can make and do for you! For enquiries, contact us at hello@curiouschimeras.com.

Our Team

Tan Shao Han


Tan Shao Han creates tabletop games inspired by his training in Asian history, culture, politics, and ecology. In addition to his work for the Chimeras, Shao Han has also designed and consulted for international roleplaying games such as Paizo's Pathfinder, Evil Hat's Blades in the Dark, and Pelgrane Press's Cthulhu Mythos products.

Alanna Yeo


Alanna Yeo designs immersive experiences and other tabletop games guided by her research in communications, and the intersection of games and reality. Prior to joining Curious Chimeras, Alanna was an award-winning educator in a local junior college for seven years.

Our Services

Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop roleplaying games including standalone tabletop games & other derivative works

We draw inspiration from Asian histories and cultures to make thematic and immersive storytelling games that can be played alone or with friends. Our game, Shrine has been featured on Gizmodo’s list of 35 notable games by Asian and Pacific Islander creators, and has received critical praise. Our game and narrative designers also bring experience from working on major TTRPGs and card games such as Pathfinder 2e, Blades in the Dark, and Magic the Gathering.

Immersive Puzzles

Immersive and interactive puzzle games that blend narratives & puzzle-solving

Our escape rooms and puzzle experiences incorporate both digital and analogue approaches to provide new ways of fun, learning and exploration. We’ve worked with clients such as National Heritage Board, Singapore Book Council, Singapore Comic Con and National Arts Council to create immersive playable experiences. From whimsical literary adventures to nuanced historical explorations of alleys and districts, our games have connected players to many rich worlds of imagination.


Consultancy services on games, design and storymaking, with a key focus on regional perspectives & voices

Our combined research backgrounds in Southeast Asian History, Communications and Games place us in a unique position to provide a nuanced perspective in game creation and storymaking. We’ve been invited to share our perspectives on gamemaking and the importance of play at international and local events, including GenCon, Singapore Writers Festival, Session Zero Online and other educational seminars.

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