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Play as a wandering hero in the jianghu, looking to make a name for yourself. These people that you meet… are they friends or foes? How will your actions affect your reputation in this world? Create your own wuxia story in this solo journalling RPG!

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A solo journaling game built on the Firelights system, inspired by Chinese wuxia sword fighting stories. 

As a wandering hero, journey through the vastness of the jiānghú (martial arts world), and cross paths with the Four Heavenly Kings. The game spans four acts of play, and each act features different objectives and prompts to create your own wuxia stories. Use playing cards to generate prompts about the backdrop that your wandering hero is in, then roll dice to help resolve your hero’s actions. 

Want to learn more about wuxia before playing? The book has thematic reading lists and a short article on the relevance of wuxia to our everyday.

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