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The Strange Artefacts of Wisteria Hall


You’re a treasure hunter in an abandoned house that is starting to feel a little uncanny. Out of the corner of your eye, you see things that aren’t there when you whip your head around. Will you find the treasure, or will other things find you first?

This game is available as a physical product only.

A solo RPG based on the Carta system where you explore an old mansion filled with treasure and uncanny encounters!

Build your mansion with playing cards, then start exploring to look for Artefacts, hopefully avoiding dangers such as ghostly dancers and antagonistic armour along the way. Move your token through the Mansion, and as you turn over cards, use the Room List in the game to see what new discoveries you have found in the Mansion. Use your character skills to fend off the twin perils of physical battles and mental fatigue as you uncover more rooms.

With the cards, you build a different Wisteria Hall every playthrough, and dice rolls add an additional level of unpredictability. 

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