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The Tooth Hurts


Everyone knows that a Dragon has its hoard, but you know where the real money is? That’s right, its TEETH, that’s what! Why pull teeth carrying the gold out when we can well, pull teeth!

The Tooth Hurts is a short, one-page RPG for two to four players. Players are a ragtag gang of thieves, now in the lair of a dragon to steal the real treasure it’s hoarding, its teeth! In order to successfully gain some riches, the players have to work together to formulate a plan to jump in and steal as many teeth as they can before the Dragon is enraged!

To play, you need a Crocodile Dentist (or similar; see image for what the toy is), a six-sided die and a notepad to tally up your ill-gotten gains.

This game is a digital download for a one-page RPG.

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